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India is now the world’s third largest economy, and by 2030 it will be the second largest. It’s a smart time to invest in India and Renewable Oil & Gas sector would be your smartest investment ever. We understand that you are an opinion leader in your respective field who values projects of quality & taste and therefore it gives me immense pleasure to alert you about this rare investment opportunity with some of the best returns in the market and securing your future. You are contributing to Indian economy by paying Income Tax. You can continue this contribution for Indian economy & environmental benefit by investing in upcoming Renewable Oil & Gas projects in India. The best part is that you can own these projects by investing your Income Tax under a Government Regulation by which you shall get 80% depreciation in first year by investing on such projects. I am sure that you shall be keenly interested to own such assets on the basis of investing your income tax which you would have paid to government otherwise. These projects give a return on investment between 20% to 40% per year for next 20 years. It means if you are paying rupees One Crore as Income Tax this year you can earn upto rupees forty lacs per year for next 20 years by investing this money in Renewable Oil & Gas projects with Growdiesel Ventures Limited. So you have converted your INR One Crore Income Tax into an Income of four to eight Crores without any investment. A detailed proposal to establish an INR 400 Cr/- (without personal investment) shall be explained during International Renewable Crude Oil Summit 2014 on 16th September 2014 at New Delhi. In case you are pre-occupied on that day you are requested to depute your senior people to attend this Summit and understand about this Golden project opportunity.