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Growdiesel - rJetFuel is a final product of our rCrude oil. rJetFuel is free from the sulfur trace and nitrogen containing compounds found in conventional JetFuel. This fuel is also free from aromatic compounds. The main advantage of the aromatic free fuel is that it is cleaner burning. rJetFuel has good lubricity properties and contains essentially no sulfur or aromatics.     

Growdiesel - rFO is the cheapest, renewable and available as a replacement of fossil FO for industrial use. It is a by-product of our cleanfuel process. While processing the rCrude oil, rFO is one of the product produce along with other cleanfuels like rDiesel, rJetFuel etc. The furnaces which are use mainly for heating or pre-heating a large quantity of metal, can replace their FO consumption with Growdiesel-rFO. This can be stored in vertical as well as horizontal tanks. The rFO is follow the same fossil FO standards, pre-heating in storage tanks as well as pipes & pumps, control-panels and entire distribution system etc.  

Growdiesel - rLPG. Growdiesel is already supplying piped cooking gas from its Delhi & Maharashtra projects. The enriched renewable cooking gas is being supplied to end user through a pressurized pipeline by Growdiesel. Growdiesel piped cooking gas is a premium gaseous and is an excellent replacement of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Kitchens, Cafeteria and others. This gas can be filled in cylinders & transported like LPG fuel.

Growdiesel - rCrude is renewable crude oil that is a result of our proprietary technology. This crude oil can be refined into other fuels. Our approach leverages the same refinery processes as current fossil crude oil. The refined fuels such as petrol, diesel and jetfuel made from rCrude are replacement of current transportation fuels and meet all the standards.  rCrude fits within the existing petroleum infrastructure from refining to distribution, including the retail supply chain for cars, trucks and airplanes.

Growdiesel rDiesel is a form of Diesel fuel which is derived from renewable feedstock rather than the fossil feedstock used in most diesel fuels. rDiesel uses traditional fractional distillation to process the oils. It is not biodiesel which is chemically quite different and processed using transesterification. It has a high cetane value, a lower gravity, good cold flow. rDiesel is completely compatible for replacing the existing fossil diesel and transportation fuels infrastructure.

Growdiesel is in the process to launch its first biorefinery in India. Growdiesel-rCNG is an AutoGas that is a replacement of Compressed Natural Gas. It is derived from upgradation of Biogas. It is a premium gaseous enriched biofuel consisting of high grade methane. It can be used as a replacement of petrol and diesel in transportation sector just like CNG. Growdiesel-rCNG is lighter than air and disperses quickly without any dangerous accumulation. The ignition temperature of Growdiesel rCNG is higher than liquid fuels. rCNG delivers high performance at low cost. It increases mileage and gives a higher average than that of petrol. It can be dispensed via existing CNG filling stations or new filling stations can be planned to dispense rCNG.

Growdiesel - rPNG is a new age fuel. Growdiesel-rPNG also known as Renewable Piped Natural Gas, or biomethane, is chemically identical to fossil natural gas but much cleaner, commercially viable and sustainable fuel that can significantly displace fossil natural gas consumption. rPNG is a renewable fuel, easily distributed through existing infrastructure and is suitable for various applications such as cooking, fuel in furnace, electricity generation etc.

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