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2010 : Estb. Delhi's first waste to biofuel plant with Delhi Govt. & Asia's largest research institute

2011 : Dev. of process & reactor to convert MSW/Slaughter house/mixed waste to cleanfuels

2011 : Supplied proprietary waste to biofuel machines to asia largest research institute

2011 : Tech. licensing agreement with BARC

2011 : Estb. India's first project to convert MSW/Slaughter waste/mixed waste to cleanfuels with Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra

2013 : Successful O&M of Delhi & Maharahstra waste to biofuel plant and continue running

2014-2020 : Strategic plan is formulated and shall be unveiled at appropriate time...

2001-2005Research on Biofuel

July 2005Launch of Growdiesel

July-Dec.2005High yielding Jatropha seeds & sub. for IC Code

2006Dev. of catalyst free technology for Biodiesel production

2006Jatropha plantation in 100 acre wasteland near Mumbai & more than 10000 acres in 7 states of India

2006Consultant for Indian Railway's USD 2 billion project

2006Estab. Five Biodiesel production units 

​2007 : Launch of Growdiesel Miracle : World's first bio-based fuel additive

2008 : Dev. of low cost enclosed photobioreactor systems for Algae Biofuel

2008 : Estd. commercial biodiesel plant for a large listed company

2009 : Joined global technology consortium for treatment of waste water using Algae & converting to biofuels 

2009 : Dev. a process to convert organic waste to cleanfuels 

​2009 : Estb.world's largest enclosed photobioreactor system capacity of one million ltr. media for production of algae for biofuels

2010 : Dev. of catalysts and compact, advanced reactors to convert wet-biomass/algae/waste to cleanfuels

​2010 : Estb. own biofuel equipment mfr. unit in Uttarakhand